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Day 4: DevOps Tools

Day 4: DevOps Tools

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·Dec 12, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Source control tools
  • Continuous integration tools
  • Configuration management tools
  • Monitoring and logging tools

There are many tools available to help teams implement DevOps practices. Some common tools include:

Source control tools

These tools, such as Git and SVN, allow teams to manage and track changes to the codebase.

Continuous integration tools

These tools, such as Jenkins and Travis CI, automate the process of building and testing code.

Configuration management tools

These tools, such as Puppet and Ansible, allow teams to manage and automate the deployment and configuration of software.

Monitoring and logging tools

These tools, such as New Relic and Splunk, allow teams to monitor the performance and usage of the software.

Tools are just tools use tool that makes your job simple, not harder; it can be nice diving into newer and more advanced tech, but those are not always needed.

Happy Coding. 🤓


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